Patients benefit from orthopedic and neuroscience team approach at Norton Leatherman Spine

Norton Leatherman Spine is named for Kenton D. Leatherman, M.D., a pioneering surgeon whose groundbreaking work treating scoliosis brought him worldwide renown.

Norton Leatherman Spine is named for Kenton D. Leatherman, M.D., a pioneering surgeon whose groundbreaking work treating scoliosis brought him worldwide renown. We’re

still known as a place where patients can receive innovative surgery from outstanding surgeons.

But Norton Leatherman Spine is a lot more than surgeons and surgery. We offer coordinated, multidisciplinary care for back and neck pain, including physiatry, pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation. It’s a multisystem approach. Our goal is to improve function and reduce pain.

The fact is that 9 out of 10 patients who come to us do not need surgery. We want to serve these nonsurgical patients by providing care that will improve their quality of life. Much of what we do is rehabilitation and pain management.

We offer surgical and nonsurgical treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, ice, heat, massage and physical therapy to improve function and reduce pain. Although these alternatives will not cure any spinal disease or condition, they can go a long way toward relieving painful or debilitating symptoms.

Of course, we still handle the most complex cases, and our multidisciplinary approach gives us a big advantage there, too.

A patient with difficult pathology is examined by a team that could include orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, spine fellows, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pain management specialists and an experienced rehabilitation team. These patients benefit from multiple opinions and perspectives. Professionals with different perspectives evaluate options and provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. For patients, the approach provides second or third opinions.

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At Norton Leatherman Spine, patients have the advantage of these multiple opinions as a routine part of their care. We work together to provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan, a team approach that contributes to better outcomes.

We have a more-than-50-year tradition of handling the most complex cases. That’s why patients travel to see us. It’s why physicians’ family members seek us out. We’re also a destination for patients whose previous treatments were ineffective or made their condition worse.

As a sign of our expertise and leadership in the field, Norton Leatherman Spine routinely draws the top spine fellows from across the country. Over the last several years, surgeons completing their orthopedic training at institutions like Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Columbia University and Vanderbilt School of Medicine have come to Norton Leatherman Spine for their spine specialty fellowship. They come because they want to be part of our multidisciplinary team tackling complex spine care and management.

Our team meets for multiple weekly conferences, so providers stay up to date with the latest research and treatment options. We’re also leaders in generating that research. We take part in numerous clinical trials and development of new clinical devices and surgical techniques.

First and foremost, Norton Leatherman Spine applies a team approach to everything we do, and the patient is better for it.

Kimathi W. Doss, M.D., is a neurosurgeon and spine surgeon with Norton Leatherman Spine.

Steven D. Glassman, M.D., is an orthopedic spine surgeon and medical director of Norton Leatherman Spine.

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