Free classes for headache patients at Norton Neuroscience Institute

Free classes for headache patients at Norton Neuroscience Institute

Headaches can interfere with patients’ daily lives in big and small ways. For providers, headache disorders can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

“Patients who have more knowledge of their condition are generally going to have better success with treatment,” said Norton Neuroscience Institute headache specialist, Brian M. Plato, D.O.

Often times, patients seek out information online — but their search results are not always reliable.

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In order to ensure patients can have high-quality and engaging information about their condition, Norton Neuroscience Institute Headache Center designed Headache School. Patients can enroll in the free online class led by a team of Norton Neuroscience Institute headache specialists. They answer these questions and more:

  • When should I see a headache specialist?
  • What is migraine?
  • What medications are used to manage migraine?
  • What medications are used to prevent migraine?
  • Besides medication, what treatments can help manage migraine?

For providers, this tool can help patients not only understand their condition, but save time during office visits. Rather than taking time during appointments to explain this diagnosis in detail, providers can direct patients to Headache School.

“Whether providers are treating a patient or referring them to a specialist, Headache School will help the patient in the long run to better understand their migraine and how to better manage it,” Dr. Plato said.

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