For people in their 40s, bone health becomes more important

There are many way to significantly slow bone loss that accompanies aging

Besides exercise, diet and lifestyle choices, bone health is of critical importance as we age. A house is only as strong as its foundation, and bones are the body’s foundation.

People reach peak bone density in their 30s, then bone loss begins to exceed the rate of bone formation. While you can’t regain full bone mass, you can slow the decline.

Here are some things to consider about bones in order to live a strong, healthy life.

Bones at 40

By the time age 40 comes around, peak bone mass has been reached. This means a person has built the maximum amount of bone for their lifetime. Up to 90% of total adult bone content is accumulated by age 20, but starting at age 40, bone density slowly decreases due to changes in the remodeling process of bones.

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Bone health is important for everyone, but people assigned female at birth have a few extra considerations to keep in mind, including the tendency to have smaller bones than people assigned male at birth. A decrease in the hormone estrogen can cause bone loss, which in turn can trigger osteoporosis (brittle bones). And people experiencing menopause should be extra careful as hormonal shifts and lifestyle choices can contribute to osteoporosis or other bone health issues.

The most at-risk group for osteoporosis is white people assigned female at birth. Other risk factors include smoking, a family history of bone conditions, and eating disorders, even in a person’s younger years.

Bone health tips

Calcium and vitamin D –Check calcium and vitamin D levels. Depending on results, the patient may need to take a supplement or add different foods to their diet.

Exercise – Weight-bearing exercises like walking and lifting weights are excellent for bone health. Thirty minutes a day at least three to four times per week is a good target.

Smoking cessation – Kicking the habit is one of the best things one can do for overall health, and it can slow the loss of bone mass.

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