Office of Advanced Practice

The Norton Healthcare Office of Advanced Practice is dedicated to the development, promotion and support of advanced practice providers. The office provides education, quality initiatives, career development and opportunities for professional collaboration.

The Office of Advanced Practice supports advanced practice providers employed by Norton Healthcare, Norton Children’s and others employed elsewhere who are an integral part of our care network. We are focused on sharing best practices with all advanced practice providers.

The office works with clinicians and operations leadership to improve communication, provide a centralized practice contact and enhance efficiencies. Our aim is to improve care, patient access and patient outcomes.

What Is an Advanced Practice Provider

An advanced practice provider describes nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives. Each of these providers has completed extensive training and gained national certification in their field of expertise. Along with their physician colleagues, advanced practice providers care for patients in the hospital and in outpatient settings. Scope of practice is determined at the state level and is unique to each state’s governing laws. In Kentucky, advanced practice providers are able to diagnose, treat, prescribe and work independently in most cases.

What to Expect from the Office of Advanced Practice

  • Professional education and development
  • Professional practice evaluation and advancement
  • Quality development and assurance
  • Support for advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants and physician and nursing leaders
  • Credentialing and privileging support
  • Licensure, certification and regulatory guidance
  • Transition to practice guidelines for achieving role quality and competency in practice
  • Advocacy for top of licensure practice and shared decision-making models in clinical settings

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