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Norton Healthcare is uniquely positioned to combine the advantages of a private hospital system and research opportunities more typically found in an academic setting.

Following a “privademic” model, our system offers researchers the clinical expertise, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art facilities of a private, not-for-profit health care system, paired with robust research support resources to conduct studies ranging from bench to bedside.

Norton Research Institute includes more than 200 clinical research professionals providing support for studies across the full spectrum of adult specialty health care. Our portfolio of more than 750 active studies includes translational research, investigational device studies, health outcome studies, biorepository and bench lab research, data collection, and Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials.

Researcher Support

Norton Research Institute provides full-service research support, including Medicare coverage analysis, budgeting, contracting, regulatory support, compliance, data request review and education. The level of support provided will depend on the type of study and whether the researcher is a research partner or employed by Norton Healthcare. Norton Research Institute helps with all aspects of a study proposal. Our team supports research from idea conception and startup to implementation and publication.

Learn more about conducting research with Norton Research Institute and the Norton Healthcare Medical Journal.

Norton Research Institute Areas of Special Focus

Recent News

Shawn W. Adams, M.D., co-author of a study on mitigating risks of robot-assisted spine surgery, is shown

Reducing risk of robot-assisted sacroiliac joint fusion complications

Robot-assisted sacroiliac joint (SIJ) fusion surgery can, in about 1% of cases, injure the superior gluteal artery (SGA), but preoperative imaging, precise robot-assisted screw insertion and soft tissue protection can mitigate risks, according to a […]

Kelly C. Cooper, M.D., is shown. She discusses controlled substance prescribing in a recent episode of the “MedChat” continuing medical education podcast.

Ways to make prescribing controlled substances safer

Safer controlled substance prescribing begins with a thorough patient workup, an appropriate diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan, according to Kelly C. Cooper, M.D., an addiction medicine specialist with Norton Behavioral Medicine. “We just tend [...]

Julio Ramierz, M.D., is shown

A case study comparing a pulmonology consult with ChatGPT results

Artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT can compose essays or emails, write computer code, even generate art, but how well can it manage complex patient care? A team that included Norton Healthcare researchers decided to find […]

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Provider Spotlight

Christopher P. Rhyne, M.D.

Christopher P. Rhyne, M.D., has joined Norton Neuroscience Institute as a headache medicine specialist.

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June 2024 Norton Children’s Medical Group New Providers

Susan P. Dilday, APRN Pediatric Gastroenterology Morgan Molitor, APRN. Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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June 2024 Norton Medical Group New Providers

Christy A. Case, APRN Family Medicine Susan M. Hellervik, APRN Cardiology Jenna R. Montano, APRN Endocrinology Michelle D. Peterson, APRN Urgent Care Taryn B. Reynolds, APRN Urgent Care Sylvester L. Williams, APRN Urgent Care

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Minimally invasive techniques have limitations in spinal deformity correction

As health care providers, it’s essential to stay aware of the evolving surgical techniques and technologies in spine surgery. In a presentation by John R. Dimar II, M.D., spine surgeon with Norton Leatherman Spine, several […]

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Certified nurse midwife services now available at Norton Hospital in downtown Louisville

Midwife services are now available at Norton Hospital, as Norton OB/GYN Associates in downtown Louisville introduces a new midwife program. This significant addition to the practice expands existing comprehensive prenatal care services. Previously, midwifery services […]

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Chronic pelvic pain’s persistence poses challenges for patients and health care providers

Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) is a complex and often debilitating condition that affects a significant portion of the female population. It is commonly defined as pain perceived to originate from the pelvic region that has […]

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