Could your patient benefit from VAD/heart transplant evaluation?

Follow these advanced heart failure signs that indicate your patient may benefit from VAD/heart transplant evaluation

  • LVEF <40%
  • Inability to walk one block without shortness of breath
  • Intolerance of beta blockers
  • Intolerance of ACEi/ARBs
  • Inotrope dependence
  • Progressive renal insufficiency
  • Cardiac index <2.2 l/min
  • BNP or NT-proBNP > 5x normal (BNP > 1000)
  • One heart-failure-related hospitalization within the past six months
  • High diuretic requirements (>1.5 mg/kg furosemide or equivalent)
  • Class IIIB/IV heart failure symptoms despite medical therapy
  • CRT (resynchronization therapy) nonresponder

Important: For all referrals, include the following information if available:

  • H&P
  • Echocardiography report
  • Pulmonary functions tests
  • Face sheet with demographics
  • Recent office visit note
  • Heart catheterization report
  • Lab work (CMP, CBC, LFTs)

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