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The Norton Healthcare physician relations team is focused on strengthening the relationships between providers in our community, Norton Healthcare hospitals, and the practices of Norton Medical Group and Norton Children’s Medical Group, affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine. Our goal is to improve service and access to the care your patients need.

The physician relations team is available to meet with physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants and their office staff throughout the region to discuss referrals and services needed. We strive to provide open communication, and we encourage your feedback so we may better serve you.

The Norton Healthcare physician relations team is available to:

  • Provide training or assistance with Norton EpicLink for instant access to your patient’s information and to make a referral in real time
  • Arrange for continuing medical education (CME) programs given by Norton Healthcare or Norton Children’s providers at your facility or hospital
  • Provide information and discuss services offered
  • Assist you with access, communication and service concerns

Hospital Facility Physician Relations

Lee Dulaney
Director, Physician Relations
Norton Hospital
Norton Cancer Institute
Norton Leatherman Spine

Schuyler Heuser
Director, Physician Relations
Norton Audubon Hospital
Norton Heart & Vascular Institute

Kimberly Shomer
Director, Physician Relations
Norton Brownsboro Hospital
Norton Neuroscience Institute
Norton Orthopedic Institute

Tonya Whitehouse, R.N., BSN
Director, Pediatric Physician Relations
Norton Children’s Hospital
Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital
Norton Children’s Medical Center
(502) 259-KID2 (5432)

Adult Services – Regional Physician Relations

Melissa Peklenk
Director, Adult Regional Relations and Development

Stacey Allen
Manager, Adult Regional Relations and Development

Pediatric Services – Regional Physician Relations

Tonya Whitehouse, R.N., BSN
Director, Pediatric Physician Relations
Network Outreach and Development
(502) 259-KID2 (5432)

Lisa Vandygriff, R.N., BSN
Manager, Pediatric Regional Relations and Development
Eastern Kentucky Territory
(502) 259-KID4 (5434)

Heather Rich, R.N., BSN
Manager, Pediatric Regional Relations and Development
Western Kentucky Territory
(502) 259-KID3 (5433)

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