Father and son work together as gynecology subspecialists at Norton Healthcare

A passion for gynecology care and improving patients’ quality of life has inspired a father and son to work together at Norton Healthcare.

A passion for subspecialty gynecology care and improving patients’ quality of life has inspired a father and son to work together at Norton Healthcare.

Urogynecologist Andrew D. Doering, M.D., joined Norton Urogynecology Center in August, treating patients with pelvic floor disorders, including prolapse or vaginal bulging, and urinary or fecal incontinence. His father, David L. Doering, M.D., has been a gynecologic oncologist with Norton Cancer Institute since 1999.

“We take care of a lot of the same patient population, which are postmenopausal women, but he’s taking care of them from a cancer standpoint, and I’m taking care of those with pelvic floor issues,” Dr. Andrew Doering said.

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“It’s not that common to be able to work directly with your son or daughter, so it’s something that we’re very happy about,” Dr. David Doering said. “Now we’re more like peers or colleagues, and that’s very rewarding.”

The younger Dr. Doering credits his dad with helping inspire his decision to become a doctor.

“Growing up, I saw my dad doing the work that he was doing, the impact that he was having on these people’s lives, the women that he was helping treat their cancer, cure their cancer, how rewarding that was for him to take care of these people and the care that he was providing,” he said. “So that certainly was a big influence on my decision to go into medicine in the first place.”

Although they have different subspecialties, the father and son sometimes have worked together on the same surgery.

“We’ve scrubbed together a few times, and we’ve done some mission trips,” Dr. Andrew Doering said. “That was really exciting to do the surgeries with him. Both of us, on each side of the operating room table working together and operating together, that was really a great experience.”

Dr. Andrew Doering specializes in surgeries and is looking forward to expanding the care provided at Norton Urogynecology Center.

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to care for patients, many of whom have been struggling for a long time before they come in and see me,” Dr. Andrew Doering said. “To be able to grow the practice and help these people that really need help — it’s really rewarding and something I’m very excited to do.”

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