Specialized physical rehab technology in Louisville

Cressman Neurological Rehabilitation has expertise and technology to support patients

Cressman Neurological Rehabilitation, a part of at Norton Neuroscience Institute, now has expanded offerings, including technology and treatments you can’t find anywhere closer than Louisville. It is located in a newly opened space at Norton Neuroscience Institute – Brownsboro.


This system from Reha Technologies offers the latest in robot-assisted gait therapy. End-effector gait trainers are indispensable tools in neurological rehabilitation. The other closest G-EO equipment is in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Lexington, Kentucky.

Biodex Music-Assisted Therapy Gait Trainer Treadmill

The benefits of music therapy are well documented. Biodex helps patients find their stride with music and gait training technology combined. The closest other machine of this type is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Computerized Dynamic Posturography/immersive virtual reality (CDP/IVR)

Bertec’s immersive virtual reality training system offers patients who experience a variety of neurological symptoms such as dizziness, balance issues and motion sensitivity, a new way to combat those symptoms.

ZeroG Gait and Balance System

The Aretech system protects patients from falling while providing dynamic body-weight support. Patients practice walking, balancing, sit-to-stand movements and stairs. The overhead track-style mount means no barriers between patient and therapist. Similar technology is available in Lexington, Owensboro, Kentucky; Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

Virage Simulation system

Virage specializes in driving simulation training for a wide variety of situations: student driving, truck training and more. This system offers a rich environment for assessment of the driver, including a visual optical system, genuine functioning GM dashboard and control panel and simulated car driving sound system. The nearest Virage is in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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BITS, L300 and H200

Three technologies from Bioness address many neurological issues. Bioness Integrated Therapy System is a comprehensive program that challenges visual, cognitive, motor and balance abilities of patients. BITS offers fully customizable programs designed with patient engagement in mind. The L300 Go System helps patients with foot drop or hand paralysis. And the Bioness H200 wireless hand rehabilitation system assists patients with reaching, grasping and more.

Norton Neuroscience Institute-Brownsboro, located in Norton Medical Plaza III on the Norton Brownsboro Hospital campus, supports patients with many types of neurological conditions, including brain, spinal and nervous system tumors; stroke; epilepsy; migraine and headache; dementia; and memory care. It also is home to Norton Neuroscience Institute’s Cressman Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Center and Cressman Neurological Rehabilitation, as well as a pain management clinic.

The Norton Healthcare Foundation has provided millions of dollars in funding to Norton Neuroscience Institute for Cressman Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Center, memory care, and other vital programs.

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