Maternal-fetal medicine specialists available for high-risk pregnancies

A “high-risk pregnancy” can mean many things. However, pregnant women who need extra care to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery should be referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Norton Children’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine provides services in Louisville, Paducah and Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Madison, Indiana. The practice offers:

  • Diagnosis and counseling for fetal abnormalities and inherited conditions
  • Board-certified physicians with specialized training in maternal-fetal medicine
  • A genetic counselor who can provide guidance for patients with a history of genetic conditions or for babies who might be at risk
  • Dedicated sonographers trained in high-risk diagnoses
  • Collaborative care, working with neonatologists and other pediatric specialists for mom and baby
  • Two dedicated registered nurse navigators who provide one-on-one support for patients
  • Diabetes and Pregnancy Center, a multidisciplinary outpatient program for pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes, gestational diabetes or a prior history of gestational diabetes, as well as women with diabetes who are considering getting pregnant.

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Who is at risk for a high-risk pregnancy?

  • Women carrying multiples, such as twins or triplets
  • Women older than age 35
  • Women with high blood pressure; Type 1, 2 or gestational diabetes; heart conditions; asthma; or other chronic conditions
  • Women experiencing pregnancy complications, such as premature labor

Make a referral

To make a patient referral to Norton Children’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine, click here to fill out a referral form, or call (866) 574-4111.

For more information about Norton Children’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine, click here.

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