New evidence-based guidelines published for perioperative spine surgery assessments

New evidence-based guidelines covering five key perioperative spine assessments were issued recently by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. The guidelines, published in the medical journal Neurosurgery, provide insight on the following: Preoperative osteoporosis assessment Preoperative […]

Drug targeting prostate cancer cells to deliver radioisotope prolongs survival in trial

A cutting-edge new treatment specifically targets prostate cancer cells to deliver a tumor-killing radioisotope and helped extend patients’ lives longer in an international clinical trial (VISION Study), according to a study published in the New […]

Offering the latest childhood brain tumor therapies so kids and their families don’t have to travel far from home

Brain tumors are now the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among children. Year after year, Kentucky ranks among states with the highest incidence of children with brain tumors, and Kentucky currently ranks third in the […]

Access to evolving clinical science close to home

Norton Cancer Institute’s clinical research program was developed to ensure that cancer patients in our community and region have access to evolving clinical science. Guided by an experienced cadre of physicians and supported by a […]

The latest advancements in pediatric cancer research for patients in Louisville and Southern Indiana

At any time, Norton Children’s Cancer Institute, affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine, is participating in dozens of clinical trials, representing a wide gamut of diagnoses and moving our understanding of childhood cancers forward. […]

Dual-pitch screws allow for inline revision of pedicle screws, study finds

Inline revision of pedicle screws without increasing the screw diameter can be achieved using dual-pitch screws with cancellous pitch in the vertebral body and cortical pitch in the pedicle, according to a study published in […]

Insurance-driven inhaler changes have a negative impact on asthma control in children

Children on Medicaid in Kentucky who experience asthma may have had a tougher time managing their symptoms following a payer-initiated formulary change that led to the use of a different inhaler device, according to a […]

Opioid pills are shown to illustrate a study of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols for spine surgery.

Study finds Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols help recovery after lumbar fusion

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols have the potential to hasten recovery from lumbar fusion surgery for degenerative spine conditions, with reduced in-hospital opioid consumption and improved postoperative pain scores, according to a study published […]

New use for tumor treatment fields device showing results for glioblastoma patients

After participating in a groundbreaking clinical trial that showed the Optune tumor treatment field device improves glioblastoma multiforme survival when combined with chemotherapy, neuro-oncologists at the Norton Healthcare Brain Tumor Center in Louisville, Kentucky, are […]

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Provider Spotlight

Jason Crowell, M.D., MPA

Neurologist and movement disorders specialist Jason Crowell, M.D., MPA, has joined Norton Neuroscience Institute at the new location on the campus of Norton Brownsboro Hospital.

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Basel Altoos, M.D., joins Norton Cancer Institute

Basel M. Altoos, M.D., a board-certified radiation oncologist, has joined Norton Cancer Institute and will see patients downtown and at King’s Daughters’ Health in Madison, Indiana. Refer a patient To refer a patient to Norton [...]

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Hybrid ablation case study: Left ventricular function normalized, medication reduced

The patient A woman presented to Norton Audubon Hospital with shortness of breath and dizziness and was noted to be in new-onset atrial fibrillation (A-fib). She underwent immediate cardioversion but had recurrent A-fib and then […]

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October 2021 Norton Medical Group new providers

Emily K. Camp, M.D. Emily K. Camp, M.D. Internal Medicine Terrence Hadley, M.D. Hematology Oncology Julio Ramirez, M.D. Infectious Disease Christopher M. Moser, D.O. Internal Medicine Kristina R. Trubey, D.O. Internal Medicine Morgan Frierson, PA-C […]

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Phenol neurolysis for spasticity management

Precisely placed phenol injections can relieve spasticity by inducing axon necrosis, essentially destroying the nerve causing the spasticity. As a focal treatment, the phenol needs to be injected at the motor points of the right […]

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Identifying common bleeding disorders in pediatric patients

Signs of common bleeding disorders in children can take many forms from birth through adolescence, according to Ashok B. Raj, M.D., pediatric hematologist/oncologist with Norton Children’s Cancer Institute, affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine. […]

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