Baclofen pump catheter implanted in brain because tissue couldn’t support typical placement

The patient At age 10, the patient was diagnosed with a high-grade arteriovenous malformation and treated with radiosurgery. About six months later, the patient developed a severe case of brain swelling that left them with […]

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Phenol neurolysis for spasticity management

Precisely placed phenol injections can relieve spasticity by inducing axon necrosis, essentially destroying the nerve causing the spasticity. As a focal treatment, the phenol needs to be injected at the motor points of the right […]

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Classifying and treating cerebral palsy in children

Assessing a child for cerebral palsy treatment and therapy starts with understanding the etiology, which parts of the body are affected and identifying the predominant movement pattern, according to Catherine P. Schuster, M.D., medical director […]

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