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Guided by an experienced cadre of physicians and supported by a team of clinical research nurses and coordinators, Norton Cancer Institute oversees more than 130 active clinical trials at any point in time.

Norton Cancer Institute’s clinical research program was developed to ensure that cancer patients in our community and region have access to evolving clinical science.

Guided by an experienced cadre of physicians and supported by a team of clinical research nurses and coordinators, Norton Cancer Institute oversees about 200 active clinical trials at any point in time.

The research program led by oncologist John Hamm, M.D., currently has almost 450 patients actively enrolled or being followed across all subspecialties.

Patients are enrolled in clinical trials for breast, central nervous system, head and neck, bladder, prostate, skin, blood, lung, gastrointestinal, and gynecological cancers. The local, regional and international impact of this research is evidenced by five experimental treatments that have recently received Food and Drug Administration approval: new therapies for urothelial cancer, prostate cancer, B-cell lymphoma, multiple myeloma and marginal zone lymphoma.

Over the years, this comprehensive research program has given thousands of individuals access to innovative treatment options for a broad range of difficult-to-treat cancers — without having to travel out of state. Norton Cancer Institute research has provided these individuals access to therapies months or years before they are widely available. For regional physicians treating patients where standard-of-care options are limited or have failed, the Norton Cancer Institute research program has processes and dedicated staff to evaluate patients for currently available clinical trials.

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The Norton Cancer Institute research program is part of one of the largest clinical research programs in a community hospital setting in the United States. To support this large clinical research enterprise, the Norton Healthcare research infrastructure is also unparalleled. The clinical research teams are supported by a comprehensive array of administrative services including legal, regulatory, compliance and finance teams.

The Norton Healthcare and Norton Cancer Institute research footprint and infrastructure are recognized in the United States and internationally, with pharmaceutical and device companies routinely contacting clinicians to serve as study sites. This often means Norton Cancer Institute and Norton Healthcare may be the only study site in our region for a particular therapy.

During the current pandemic, Norton Healthcare clinical researchers have been leaders, opening more than 20 COVID-19 treatment trials and two very visible COVID-19 vaccine trials. For several trials, Norton Healthcare accrued the first patients in the world and was a top-enrolling site.

Moving forward, the Norton Cancer Institute research program will continue to maintain a robust portfolio of clinical trials across multiple indications, growing important early phase trials and trials for cellular therapies, such as CAR-T.

Stephen Wyatt, DMD, MPH, is chief research executive at Norton Healthcare.

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