MOST Program available for pregnant mothers with substance use disorders

Norton Women’s Care launched the MOST (Maternal Opiate Substance Treatment) Program as a resource for pregnant women who suffer from substance use disorders. Treatment services designed specifically for pregnant women dependent on drugs or alcohol are hard to find. Many programs are reluctant to accept pregnant women, partly due to the lack of knowledge about pregnancy and the unborn baby’s development. The MOST program offers knowledgeable, supportive staff members who are skilled in caring for pregnant mothers’ substance use disorders and their babies.

The MOST Program offers:

  • Specialized care and resources during pregnancy
  • Compassionate care focused on the health and well-being of both mother and baby
  • Education about the dangers of using alcohol or illegal substances during pregnancy


Candidates for The MOST Program are screened by a qualified clinician to determine:

  • If the program is the right medical option for the mother
  • If the mother is eligible for the program
  • The mother’s substance use status
  • What level of withdrawal symptoms the mother is experiencing

After the assessment is completed, a qualified physician will determine if further evaluation or admission is needed. The MOST Program staff monitor the patient during admission and throughout the patient’s hospital stay.

The typical length of stay in the hospital is two to seven days. When the patient is ready for discharge, a qualified clinician from the MOST Program will provide an individualized discharge plan, and any support resources that may be needed.

To refer an expecting mother who suffers from a substance use disorder, click here for the online patient referral form, or call (502) 559-4375.

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