New implant allows for less invasive shoulder replacement

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a new less invasive implant for shoulder replacement that requires less healthy bone removal to anchor the new joint in place.

By removing less bone, patients potentially may have less pain while recovering and better range of motion than with conventional shoulder replacements.

Norton Orthopedic Institute surgeon Ryan J. Krupp, M.D., was a major contributor to a study of the Sidus Stem-Free Shoulder System from Zimmer Biomet implant. The study showed the implant worked just as well as a traditional implant, while preserving more bone.

Most patients in the study experienced significant improvement in their pain, better range of motion and strength, and a dramatic increase in their overall quality of life.

The recent FDA approval came in large part due to Dr. Krupp’s research.


What makes the new implant special is that, unlike a traditional implant, it doesn’t require insertion of a long prosthetic shaft into the humerus bone — the long bone connecting the shoulder to the elbow.

Instead, the new, stemless implant connects to the humerus with a smaller anchor, resulting in less bone loss. Its anchoring mechanism consists of four short, fin-like prongs with a unique geometric design that keeps it in place.

“The stemless implant allows us to save more of the patient’s native bone, which is important for a number of reasons, especially given the fact that patients are living longer and more active lives today,” Dr. Krupp said.

Removing less bone can lead to less pain following shoulder replacement. Preserving bone also means a stronger foundation to support the implant.

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