Scoliosis care offered by Norton Healthcare

Specialists with Norton Leatherman Spine and Norton Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville can diagnose and treat pediatric patients with mild, moderate or severe scoliosis.

Scoliosis may be a concern if a child’s shoulders are uneven, a curve in the spine is visible or the pelvis appears to be tilted. Depending on the type of scoliosis, it may appear in young children or in adolescents. Although most scoliosis is painless, some children will complain of pain or difficulty with activities. Because scoliosis often is not noticeable in its early stages, pediatricians and family physicians often will screen for scoliosis.

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About Norton Leatherman Spine

Norton Leatherman Spine is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding scoliosis treatment centers in the United States. Norton Leatherman Spine has pioneered innovations

in technology for safe and effective scoliosis care, and it has trained leading scoliosis surgeons around the world.

About Norton Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville

Norton Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville providers have the expertise to care for children and adolescents whose musculoskeletal systems are developing. Our specialists treat a wide variety of conditions that affect a growing child, including scoliosis and other pediatric spinal deformities. In addition, we have expertise in associated conditions, such as neuromuscular and congenital issues that sometimes can be associated with spinal disorders in children.

Scoliosis Treatment Options


  • Monitoring
  • Bracing
  • Casting
  • Scoliosis-specific physical therapy (Schroth Method)


  • Spinal fusion with CT-guided navigation
  • Growth-friendly procedures
  • Robotic-assisted surgery

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