A dream job from the start

Sleep apnea was first diagnosed in 1965. For years, treatment was a tracheostomy, a surgery to bypass the upper airway obstruction. In the 1980s, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) took over as the leading treatment […]

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Kevin K. Trice, M.D., MBA, named medical director of Norton Sleep Centers

Kevin K. Trice, M.D., MBA, has been named medical director of Norton Sleep Centers. Dr. Trice is a native of Louisville, but has been working and training around the country for much of the past […]

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Norton Pulmonary Specialists, formerly Chest Medicine Associates, and Sleep Medicine Associates has joined Norton Medical Group

Serving the Louisville community for over 40 years, Norton Pulmonary Specialists will continue to provide expertise and experience in diagnosing and managing all types of lung diseases and sleep disorders. Our team of 15 specialists […]

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